Friday, December 03, 2010

The board Game convention

Well, that time of year rolled around again and a couple of weekends ago I headed off to the annual board game trade show.  This year was a milestone in that I brought the rest of the family with me.  There are a few shows on at the same time, this year with Babyworld, the model train and car show, board games, and home show all at once.  I thought there should be something for everyone to enjoy here.

Of course, managing a hyper Liam made me have far few photos this time around. 

We walked by the annual balloon animal section of the place and Liam quite liked it, but was not as thrilled as I am with balloon animals.  This year the theme was China, so there were a lot of dragons and pandas.

DSC_0213                      DSC_0216 DSC_0217 Overall, the balloon display was not as impressive as in previous years.  I thought that the huge scale of the animals was impressive, but the balloon creatures themselves did not wow me like prior years.  Nothing as creative or funny as last years balloon chicken cooking on a ballon BBQ anyway.

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Dave said...

Pretty impressive. I'm assuming there will more photos to come...perhaps you bought some new game?