Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Horb Medieval fest

The next event on the agenda was yet another race and yet more fire.  Similar to Ye Olde Hydrogene Balloone Pop, this time the knights rode with flaming spears and knocked over some poor guy holding a shield.  The shield was covered in something flammable which burst into flames on impact.

I thought this event seemed a little brutal.  It showed the brave honor of too knights as they each raced to see who could first knock down and ignite an unarmed, unmounted opponent.  Truly a test of bravery.

IMG_0292 After this one, we finally got some actual jousting, the knights did a proper fight, riding at each other with lances, which shattered on impact in a very fun and impressive manner.  Liam liked this a lot.

IMG_0302 After knocking one another down, the Black Knight and the White Knight continued the fight on foot.

IMG_0306 Here is a little film of a joust.

After all these events, of course the good guys won, but there was a final attack by the baddies.  The only way to stop them was to finally use the catapult to great effect.  This was another highlight for Liam.

And that wrapped up the tournament.  It was all in all a very fun time and I think I would take Liam again if he wanted to check it out. 

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