Monday, July 05, 2010

Finishing off the Medieval Fest

So to close out the series on “Ritterspiele” I will show some of the other fin things that were going on at the fest.

First of all, we had to have a good lunch.  As with every single outdoor activity in Germany, there were a variety of booths selling food.  I asked Liam what he was in the mood for, and he decided on a sausage.  We picked this booth from the many at hand.

IMG_0237Liam went for the “Ritterwurst” which was a big red sausage wrapped in bread.  It was neat, they put the bread dough on the sausage and baked it all together into a nice self contained hot dog.  Most of the food was called Ritter-something… IMG_0236

I went for the “Ritter bowl”  which was a bowl made of bread, then some chunks of meat, vegetables and a sauce all thrown together.  It was similar to a kebab, but not quite the same.IMG_0233The booth next to ours was cooking an entire pig in an olde tyme oven.  This also looked quite good, but I was satisfied with my bread bowl.IMG_0238

After lunch we had a walk around to look at the other attractions.  Right near our food booth was a falconing demonstration.  Liam did enjoy the birds, but it did not last all that long.

IMG_0231There were some games for kids of course, and Liam was too much of a chicken to try this one out.  The kid had to run really fast, and hit the target with the halbard, then keep running by fast enough so that the weight  did not swing around and smack them in the head.IMG_0223       What ended up being the highlight of the whole fest for Liam was the carpentry exhibit.  At this stall, the carpenter let him put on a a leather apron and work on some wood.  He sat here and carved wood for at least half an hour.  I think he would have stayed all day had I let him.  Opa would be proud of his wood working skills.


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