Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Liam's Birthday - Part 1

I am pretty slow with the web page these days I know, I am just getting around to photos from Liam's Birthday now. The big boy turned five back on June 14. He of course awoke nice and early and went down to open up his gifts. It was a largely pirate themed year. His big gifts from Mum and Dad you can see were the treasure chest and a Lego Pirate ship.

The next big gift from was a real "grown up" tent. This was from Aunt Doris and Uncle Bernhard. He had a little kiddie tent that he had enjoyed for a long time, but it was at the end of its useful life. Many holes were showing up in the floor of the old tent, and the new one can be used for real camping one day....

From Oma and Opa, there were a bunch of gifts, a Knight wall-clock and this Captain Sharky Telescope were the clear favorites on the day though. The telescop got quite a lot of use once Liam learned the trick of focusing it.

There were of course lots more gifts from the family, books, toys and music, but I did not get everything photographed, as I spent much of the morning assembling the various pieces of other toys. I think that is the main role of parents on birthdays and Christmas, putting together tiny bits.

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Dave said...

I think Liam needs an eyepatch for the full pirate look.