Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Some more of Ferleiten

Other than the animals, the attraction of the park were a bunch of kiddie rides.  The ticket was not an all inclusive one, and every ride had to be paid for individually, but the prices were actually pretty reasonable.  Fairly much everything was 1 Euro for a ride, with some of the things actually being free.  The general rule was if electricity was involved, it cost a Euro.


I think one of the biggest hits with the kids though were these pedal go-karts.  Free, and there were three carts and three kids so the math worked out perfectly.  They raced around the little track for many many laps.  Despite his scrawny looking little chicken legs, Liam had no trouble rocketing around in that thing and I am surprised he has not been after me to get him one for home.

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Right next to the free carts was a pretty fun merry go round.  There were actually quite a lot of playground type activities for the kids that did not cost anything, sort of unusual for a tourist destination in my experience.  I just expect to have everything cost an outrageous amount of cash.  Cherie got into the act and rode with the kids while Mike put his back and enormous belly behind spinning the ride.




Although most of the rides were there to be enjoyed by bigger kids, Henrik was not left out altogether.   He got to have a go on this sweet helicopter.




There were some electric motorcycles that of course the boys had to try out. 




I think this was the coolest ride they had.  You sat in a little boat that was pulled up a slope, then released to fly off a jump into the water.  Mike really wanted to do this, but he was nervous that he was a bit too big for it since it was essentially designed for children.  This was also the only ride I saw with a queue while we were there.  Here is some random kid flying through the air.




That wraps up Ferleiten… but don’t worry, I still have plenty more vacation fun to deliver.



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