Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bee horror

Recently Liam was introduced to the terror of bees lurking in tall grass. The warm weather has brought sandal season to Entringen. Liam and his friends were out playing around in the lovely fields of clover and tall grass around our house when he managed to step on a bee. The bee naturally reacted poorly to this and gave him a nice big sting.

After a lot of noise and hopping, Liam struggled his way to the couch for treatment. His whole foot went red and balloon like and he developed some pretty ugly blisters on it. Luckily his friend's dad is a doctor and too a look at the balloon foot to reassure us there was nothing to worry about. Some cream was applied and the mega foot wrapped up.

Here is a look at the big ugly blisters, they went all the way around the toe like a lovely blister-ring. I think my photo also does not do justice to the red puffiness of the foot. It looked quite huge.

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