Friday, July 08, 2011

Henrik's Birthday - Part 2

The other big part of the birthday was of course gifts.  There was a nice group of packages waiting for the birthday boy on the big day.
Like every one year old, Henrik really had no idea what was going on.  He did notice the boxes when we put him on the floor near them, but naturally he treated them like any other strange object in his domain.  He poked one or two then rolled off to do something else.

What he needed was a helper to unwrap the gifts.  Lucky for him, big brother Liam is an expert gift unwrapper.
Among the gifts, the one that sparked the most initial interest was the spinning top.  Naturally Henrik could not operate it on his own, but he was very interested in it while in operation.  He particularly liked to knock it over and then yell at it.  The novelty of this toy lasted quite a while and we did a lot of spinning that morning.
Of course, the toy that probably gave the most pleasure to Henrik on this occasion was the wrapping paper.  This is also a universal truth that babies love wrapping paper.  I think he would have happily rolled around the floor shaking it and waving it around.

Basically every gift occasion ends up with Henrik playing mostly with paper and empty boxes.

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