Monday, May 21, 2012

New Swing

Someone got a new swing…. I am pretty sure that we can call it a success.




I am pretty sure we could have left him in the swing for the entire weekend.  He had this expression on his face for about a half hour while swinging around.  Henrik is such a happy kid most of the time I was a bit worried that the swing was going to tip him over the edge of some sort of happiness explosion.  I should have made a video to share the crazy noises he was making as well.  He was laughing and yelling so loud that our neighbour came over to see what was going on.




Here he is mid yell.  On its own I think this photo could be interpreted as panic or a some sort of freak out, but I would say with the other pictures supporting it, he is clearly in the middle of some sort of victory yell.  He is shouting “I HAVE CONQUERED GRAVITY WITH THIS MIGHTY SWING!”




Of course there was also lots of big laughs. 




Maybe a bit of overkill with the volume of swinging pictures I have taken, but hey, I am delighted to see a laughing Henrik in as many ways as possible.  Party Baby.


Dave said...

I think you need to post some video next time. Hopefully Liam won't push the swing too hard.

Fraser Anderson said...

I will get on it Dave. Next sunny swinging day I will make a Henrik movie for you.