Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Borkum Feuerschiff

On a not so nice weather day, we thought Liam would enjoy going to have a look at the "fire ship." This is a decommissioned fire dept rescue ship that now serves as a museum.  There are some exhibits showing the environment and wildlife of the island along with some rooms showing how the boat used to operate.
 Liam likes all forms of transport.  Trains are still the absolute favorite, but boats are pretty high up the list as well.  The fact that it was a FIRE ship just raised the level of awesome in his eyes.  He was especially interested to point out the anchor to me.
 Of course, it would not be a great visit if he was not allowed to get behind the wheel of the boat.  At some point of the trip he had already advised us he planned a career driving the ferry.  He has since returned to the main career path of future train driver, but I think he got to live a bit of his fantasy here.  I think he looks quite nautical.

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