Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Borkum - Segway Scooters

One day in Borkum, we were walking down to the beach, when we were suddenly passed by a trio of segway drivers.  I had actually never seen a segway in person before that moment, and even as a lifelong geek I have to say they looked pretty lame.  They were not particularly fast and I really dont know why I would choose a segway over a bicycle...  A bike seems to be better in every possible way and if I am too lazy to pedal, an e-bike would be cooler than this thing.

I took this picture of them as they drove by and I thought it made a nice image of old vs new.  I also like the look of incredulity that the old folks on the bench are giving the scooter drivers.

OK, so I think they would be lame as something to own and use regularly, I will say that they would probably fun to have a ride on.  For one of the first times every, this was a piece of technology that seemed to interest Claudia more than me.  She found them "fun" enough looking to investigate them.  In addition to being ubernerdy, they are expensive.  On the island, the rental of one was running around 30 euro an hour.  They don't look nearly that much fun.

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Mike Starr said...

Canada Post has a bunch of them. I got to ride one. They are pretty cool. The balance really nicely. But I agree, not something I would buy.