Monday, August 01, 2011

Borkum Vacation - New Light House

A very prominent feature of the island is the new light house.  It stands directly in the middle of the town and still functions.  I think the marine traffic use the even newer, radio lighthouse and GPS more for navigation, but there is something particularly nice about a regular lighthouse.

Since visitors are allowed to walk to the top, we had to do this.  Unfortunately the weather was pretty grey and crappy on the day we went up.  This photo of the lighthouse exterior is from two days earlier when it was much nicer out.
 Of course going up a lighthouse means lots and lots of winding stairs.  Claudia and Henrik went to look in some more pram friendly shops while Liam and I braved the steps.  I was asked quite a few times if it was much farther to the top.  It was not really that many in my opinion, but Liam is a lazy bones.
 At the top of the winding staircase, there is a ladder to navigate to get to the final top level of the lighthouse.  By now, Liam was pretty tired of climbing, but also excited to get a look outside.
 Here you can see the lovely grey cloudy sky that was present at the time.  This is the view back in the direction of our apartment and the radio lighthouse.  We could not see far enough to get a look ant neighbouring islands due to the fog, but we could see all of Borkum relatively well.
 Another look at the town.  Population 5000 residents, and about 200,000 vacationers per year.
 The beach huts looked like toys to me from up there.
 A lot of the time at the top of the lighthouse was spent searching for Claudia and Henrik.  Liam really wanted to see what they would look like "as tiny people" but try as we did, we could not locate them.

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