Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fun of German Supermarkets.

Something I always enjoy in countries other than the one I grew up in is experiencing the pleasure of the supermarket.  Food that is a little different from what I am used to is great to see, and on occasion try.  I am a fairly adventurous eater with only a couple of things I won’t try or I know I don’t like.

My quick list of foods I won’t eat at all are:

1) Curry

2) insects

3) anything with “blood” in the name

Otherwise it is pretty much fair game.

I was in our local supermarket a while ago and I came across this fantastic item on sale!  The translation is not hard, but just in case, it says “3% cheaper! 1/2 a pig in two bags”img007

And that is exactly what you get.  Half a pig in two huge bags.   img008 Pork in itself is absolutely not strange to me, but the presentation and the sign made me laugh….

I keep hoping that next week will be half a cow in four bags.


Dave said...

The question is, did you buy it? And could you re-use the bag?

Fraser Anderson said...

Nope, a little too much hog for me.

I think the bag could be reused for something, but it was not exactly the kind of thing you would be using for luggage.

It was transparent, so perhaps it would be good for the current airport paranoia.