Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sensapolis part 3


The next big attraction area is a giant space ship full of fun stuff.  There are 3 decks of fun with games, learning, and slides and stuff for the wee astronauts.  All of those tubes on the exterior of the ship are tunnels and slides.

second_solar The space ship main attraction is a big video game, where the players ride sort of space cycles and shoot at a big screen with a laser gun.  The cycles for the bigger kids, move around with the video, but there are a couple of stationary ones as well for the smaller, less coordinated players like Liam.

eedless to say, he loved this.  The game itself is very repetitive, first with some asteroids to shoot, followed by space pirates.  The players are competing to get the most points by shooting the targets.  As the smallest player, Liam did not quite get the hang of it, but he had super fun and played it a few times.

IMG_0352 IMG_0354Elsewhere in the ship were some suspended animation/hibernation cabinets, which seemed to serve no other purpose other than tossing your kid in there for a photo.   Now if they locked or really put the kid to sleep, I can see many many child care applications.  There was some music inside though and Liam thought it was a blast running in and out of there.IMG_0356There was also a deck of the spaceship full of science and learning type exhibits about space and the planets, but it was a little too wordy-learny for Liam.  He just wanted to run around and play.  Reasonably so I must say.   There was a shooting gallery that he enjoyed as well, where you were supposed to be fighting off boarding aliens or something, however Liam is a terrible shot and he got bored fast with that.  I did not get a photo of it.

What was Henrik doing this whole time?  napping and smiling of course.  Claudia and I took turns going to play with Liam and minding the happy napper. IMG_0362 There was also a nice obstacle course sort of climbing thing.  You had to climb up pretty large towers, to an enclosed set of paths up in the roof to navigate.  I liked this too. IMG_0363

That wraps up the trip to Sensapolis.  I would absolutely head back there for a fun way to spend a rotten weather day.


Dave said...

Glad to see Henrick making an appearance!

You should get Liam playing Starcraft.

Fraser Anderson said...


I am not sure about that. I am thinking about letting him play some of the Lego games on xbox with me. I think they are age appropriate, but I also think that Claudia is not at all interested in letting him play computer games.