Monday, June 18, 2012

Around Borkum

Some more holiday photos today.  Our first full day in Borkum was another super day from a weather perspective.  It was around 25 degrees, but it felt much hotter, despite the nice breeze from the ocean.  We planned for a day at the beach, but that was for after lunch.  In the morning we had a nice walk around the island, first stopping by the new lighthouse in the center of town.



Right across the walk from the lighthouse was a fast food stand.  This place had giant cartoonish food bits out in front which Liam took an immediate liking to.  He insisted on posing with these giant fries.




There was also a giant Pizza slice and giant Ice Cream cone which doubled as a garbage bin.  Those lacked anthropomorphism though.




While at the sea, we tend to eat more fish since the freshness and quality is considerably better than what you get in the Black Forest (go figure)  Liam also discovered that he really liked North Sea Shrimp and constantly wanted to eat Krabbenbrötchen (shrimp on a bun.)  Based on this very compelling self promotion that they were the best Fisch in town, we bought some lunch sandwiches here.  It was pretty good.




After our Krabbenbrötchen, we walked back along the seaside to our place to get ready for a beach afternoon.  The weather really was amazing and Borkum reminded us what a great place it was for a holiday.




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