Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Liam’s Birthday

We had Liam’s 7th birthday party a couple of weeks ago.  This year we decided to have it up in the park/wildgehege mainly so that we would not have to have a bunch of wild savage children going berserk in the house.  Fortunately for everyone, we had a great sunny warm day for the party.   This is a part of the enormous national park that is right next to our house.  There is a playground area with some picnic benches as well as close proximity to some animals.  The picnic part is right between the wild pigs and deer.  On this very warm day, the pigs had retreated out of sight to lie in the shade, but we did get a nice look at a deer on the hill.




A deer eating grass can hold the attention of a pack of children for about 10 min, but after that they rocketed off in to the woods to go berserk.




Claudia and I had spent any evenings though the week planning some games to play with the kids and had asked Liam about what he would like to do.  He had given us all kinds of information about games he wanted to play and things to do, but in the end the kids had pretty much zero interest in any sort of direction and spontaneously decided to play hide and seek in the forest, a game that was not on the list at all.  oh well, their party.




After some tiring out in the forest, we went down to the picnic area for cake and presents.  Lots of Lego, lots of Star Wars and a happy birthday boy. 




We also did a BBQ where the kids cooked their own sausages stuck on long poles, followed by toasting marshmallows for dessert.    Of course kids like fire and after the meal I think they were having as much fun poking it with the sticks. 




A forest full of sticks and some Star Wars books also kicks off some light saber battles.  Here is Emil as Darth Maul battling Liam Skywalker.




All in all a fun and tiring birthday party.  I think the kids had a nice time and Claudia and I were pooped by the end of it.  Kids birthday parties are fun, but it makes me understand why lots of people pay a third party to entertain the children, probably a very good investment.

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