Monday, November 13, 2006

Back home in Germany

Well, the 1.5 week monster trip is now over and I have many many many pictures to start going through. One of the interesting things on this trip was the volume of airports I went through. So I am going to start a short series on the fun of airports.

First on my trip was the glory that was Stuttgart airport at 5am. Notice that the supporting columns are designed to look like trees holding up the roof. This is a small airport, and relatively nice and easy to get through. You will also notice in this picture, that I was one of about 5 people using the airport so early on at Thursday morning.
Next I landed in Zurich, which is one of the nicest airports ever, I don't know of another that looks quite as posh as this one. The picture does not really do it justice, but it is an airport that looks like they just unwrapped it and took it out of the box, full of gleaming black marble and well dressed people offering you swiss chocolate and enormously inflated prices.

After spending some quality time strolling around waiting for my flight, I headed over to my Air Canada limo. Quality of Air Canada has gone pretty far down if you ask me. The food was disastrously bad for dinner (although the pizza snack later was great.) Space was cramped and I generally had a pretty bad time. The only saving grace was that the plane was half empty and I was not surrounded by fat sweaty people.


dave c said...

I recently flew AC after a few years and found it to be pretty good. They had individual lcd displays for each seat with a ton of free movies (pretty recent stuff too) and tv (including family guy).

Mind you, the trip was too short for a meal.

I'm surprised that no one was suspicous of you taking airport pictures.

Fraser Anderson said...

It depends what kind of plane you get. If you are lucky and get a newer airbus or something, they have the cool LCDs. I have had that on Lufthansa and BA, but not AC.

I used to really like Canadian airlines when it still existed.

About the photos, actually I am surprised too, no one gave me a second look. I even took one in the security line up in San Diego because they had an amusingly worded sign, but it did not turn out so well.

Anonymous said...

North American airlines are piss poor compared to the Euro/Asian counterparts. Overspending, bloated severence packages, benefit mismanagement and rising fuel costs have left most of the American and Canadian airlines in financial crisis - which means the passengers get the lowest service possible.