Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wonderdog Strikes again

One of the amazing, exciting things happening when I was visiting was that my sister had her dog in a dog show. Now I am the last person on Earth to claim I have any idea what goes on at dog shows, or how to tell a good dog from a bad dog. Everything I learned about dog shows was taught to me from the film Best in Show.

Anyway, the dog-powers-that-be recognized the greatness that is my sister's dog (Jersey,) and bestowed upon her the greatest possible award.... first place. So page viewers, gaze with awe at the mighty dog, that which has won more praise than I have from HP in the last years. Although, my team did collectively win "Media Supplies and Solutions Team Player of the Month" for January 2006. We did not get a fancy green ribbon though, just a laserprinted certificate...

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Anonymous said...

Did the dog win for being brown?

Fraser Anderson said...

As far as I recall, it was for obedience. So the dog had to do what it was told. Unlike you.