Thursday, November 16, 2006

Final post of airports

OK, I promise this is my last update with photos of airports.

Here I found myself at wonderful Frankfurt airport, waiting for my ICE train to whisk me back home.

I am always delighted with the way you can take the train as the final leg of your flight ticket to Stuttgart. They send your bags on to the Stuttgart train station and they are generally waiting for you when you go down to the little room to get them. no lines, no problem. Same goes for the other direction, it is awesome to go into the Lufthansa room and check in your bags and get your boarding pass with virtually no waiting. It is soooo much better than the hell of airport waiting. Also, since most international flights are departing from Frankfurt or Munich anyway, it is much nicer to have a train ride to these places instead of a ridiculous 20 min flight. The train takes about 60 min, but when you factor in the line waiting and security checks, it generally works out being faster than getting on two planes.

OK, that is the end of my exciting series on all the airports I visited. I will be back tomorrow with exciting pictures of Canada and California.

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