Monday, November 20, 2006

Dinner with some friends

So on my ever so brief stay in Canada, I had just one free evening to try and see as many people as possible. It was pretty awesome how many of my friends managed to make it out for dinner on the Friday night.

Like always, my main regret is that is that it could not have been a longer visit. It always wakes a great sense of nostalgia in me when I get back there and have a nice time out with the old crowd. Felt very much like the old days sitting around and chatting... watching Ponter hug Dave... good days.


Anonymous said...

Fraser, it was good to see you. Plus, I got to hig Dave.

Fraser Anderson said...


You can hug dave anytime, he is just a car ride away, I need a plane.

I think we were all sad not to get to meet the woman that captured the wild Ponter man. Next time bring the wife.

If all goes well, Claudia and Liam can both join us at the next dinner.

La Lara said...

Ten kinds of awsome? Good idea:)