Friday, November 17, 2006

Back in the mighty TO

So the first place on my whirlwind North America trip was wonderful Toronto, changed from Vancouver at the last possible minute due to some crazyness on this side of the ocean. It was very nice to be back there, but things have changed so much each time I visit, it is not the same place anymore.

Lots of my old haunts seem to be bulldozed in favour of Starbucks outlets, which is a shame. It was still nice to see some of the landmarks like the CN tower though. This is a nice picture I took as I walked along Queen Street West, headed up to meet the gang for dinner.

More pictures of the gang will follow, but now I am tired and will go catch my train.

Oh, there will also be some house photos in the next days, it has been a while since I took a picture of that construction and there is quite a bit more house standing there now.

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