Monday, November 27, 2006

Finally A Cell Phone Worse than Mine...

I thought this 1988 Radio Shack catalog page was well worth putting up here. $1500 for an amazing looking cell! You can even use it on your boat! Have a quick read through the text to see how amazing this great new technology was in 1988. ahh, sweet sweet progress.

It is pretty funny to look at any old technology ads, I am sure that the Motorola RAZR will be a laughing stock to Liam when he is my age. We will probably just have phones surgically embedded in our brains by then.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't GI Joe call in his airstrikes with that thing?

dave c said...

I remember getting a cellphone at York during my el presidente days.

Not quite as bulky as this one, but still pretty big. It was a Rogers Amigo.

I think they're already experimenting with tooth implants for cell phones.

Fraser Anderson said...

I am a cell phone idiot.

I never bought one over here until Claudia was pregnant. No one calls me...

In Canada, I had a biggish Sony that was one of the first phones offered from Clearnet. People used to call me a little more there.

In Germany, I have no friends. sob, boo hoo.