Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Greatest Town Ever

So, we had to drive really far to a floor studio today to have a look at some possible flooring solutions for the new house. On the way there, we drove through this small village with the greatest name ever... KILLER.

Luckily, I had my camera along to take pictures of flooring examples, so I insisted we stopped and I could get photographed in front of the train station. If it had not been so late, I would have made a tour of the town, getting pictures of everything with killer on it. One of the best signs was on the road on the way there "Killer - 4km" I love this.

The only other sign that we actually saw was the "Killer Volunteer Fire Department" Also genius.

One thing that is possibly even better... If you look at the station behind me, there is a small sign, this is informing that contained in the Killer station is the German Whip Museum. I could not have made that up if I tried.

I am sure that I will be paying another visit to Killer with my camera one day. It is also pretty close to an awesome castle. A killer one.

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