Monday, December 04, 2006

More on the Queen Mary

Well, I had a pretty busy day today, so I am afraid I did not have much time to update the blog. Here are a couple more photos from the Queen Mary.

First one is just an upward view from the deck in the evening. I am still not a clever enough photographer to get the moon to appear in any photo, it is always an overexposed blob. I think I may have a better result if I switch my light metering from matrix to spot. If anyone has a good tip on this, let me know.
A little further along the deck, looking at the skyline of Long Beach, past a nice green illuminated life boat. Luckily there was no need to use the life boats. Although, if the ship had started to go down, I think it would have just been faster to use the elevator.

And here is a very loooooong hallway that eventually led to my room. I think tomorrow I will post some of the glorious photos of my expansive quarters.

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Anonymous said...

You work for HP and are important. Therefore, I am expecting to see a Stately room.