Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Nikolaustag

So, Dec 6 is St. Nikolaus day in Germany. This is when St Nick comes and fills your stocking with some sweets and small gifts. Since this is essentially Santa coming, I had to ask "well then who is bringing the gifts on Christmas then?"

The answer is of course, "The Christ Child." So, in Germany, Santa comes on the 6th and brings you sweets and little things, and then on Christmas eve, Baby Jesus comes and leaves all the presents under the tree. I have not yet had the courage to ask if Jesus also comes down the chimney, I assumed it would be in bad taste.

Anyway, for Nikolaustag, I gave Claudia a little Santa bear and a bavarian white sausage tray made out of marzipan. I thought it looked funny.


Anonymous said...

I am going to give Dave a chicken.


Anonymous said...

That pretzel looks pretty inviting. Funny, the things one misses about Germany....

Anonymous said...

Is the mustard also made out of marzipan? Even I as a German am amazed.

Fraser Anderson said...

Yes, everything is marzipan except the plate, which is paper.

I thought it was a very amusing lookig item. They also had a currywurst and a french fries version.