Friday, August 03, 2012

The Fat Project Day 18

I recently read somewhere that it is not a good idea to weigh yourself every day when trying to lose weight.  That our bodies will fluctuate a bit in weight in the short term and a check on a weekly basis is more than enough for meaningful data.  I have to say that on the one hand I can see this in my own measures, especially in the last week or so, where I bounce up and down a pound or two each day.  The article was saying that a bad reading in the short term can be too frustrating to the dieter as they see a lack of progress…  I tend to disagree, I have been sticking to a pretty tight diet and exercise program the last 18 days and when I see that my weight goes up, it is inspiring me to put extra effort in on the exercise side of the equation the following day.
I am in no way starving myself, but working to maintain a gap between calories in/out of –1000 per day.  I have found that I don’t get much of a result if I am on the low end, consuming 1200 calories and burning 2200 compared to a day where I consume 2200 and burn 3200.  The latter has a much more direct impact on my overall weight and body fat percentage.  I don’t always have time to put in exercise worth 3200 calories of work, so on those days I have to be content to limit the ingoing food.

For me the experience remains very positive.  I have lost some cm off my waistline and my pants are feeling a bit looser, it is a good feeling.  Also, the logging and charts have been something of a game for me and I look forward to the second half of the bet.

I had a colleague in my team come up to me and ask if I had lost weight, which is also a good feeling.  Hopefully Mike is having a similar experience on his side.

Todays total weight loss is measured in delicious waffles.

Maybe at the end of the bet, when Mike is here, the loser should have to cook all of the fatty food items I have used for the winner.

Mike seemed a little down that he gained back a pound for todays check in, but I don’t think he should sweat it.  He has lost SEVEN pounds so far, to inspire you further Mr. Starr, here are some things that weigh seven pounds.  Imagine that two weeks ago, you were carrying this around with you:


a newborn baby


A Bowling Ball


Jack-n-Grill’s Seven Pound Breakfast Burrito

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