Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Fat Project–Grand Finale….

Well this is it… the big final weigh in of the fat project.  After our week in Austria filled with plenty of exercise and plenty of beer and snacking we have returned to the scales in the lovely home base at Entringen.

After a brief discussion, today seemed to be the best day to weigh in and then relax and enjoy whatever food we want for the rest of the holiday.  Mike and I donned the official weigh in uniform of lederhosen swim suits and a T-shirt.  Since Mike and I both were doing the ongoing weigh-ins post shower and “au naturelle” I weighed the clothes first so we could subtract them from our final score. 

They come in at a scale busting 400 grams. This will be deducted from each fatties score to stay consistent with the weights we have been reporting throughout this endeavour.


First up, Mike waddled up to the scales and sucked in everything possible to try and look good for the camera.

Germany - 2012 2012-08-24 061

Germany - 2012 2012-08-24 062

The week of beer and sausage did not do too much damage…. Mike came in at 89.5 kg (it was wiggling between 89.5-6 and he gets the benefit of the doubt.)  That brings his total weight loss to 8.6 pounds since the start.

Next up was this handsome piece of man…

Germany - 2012 2012-08-24 064n

Germany - 2012 2012-08-24 063

I weighed in at a very blurry 83.5kg, less the weight of the clothes 83.1kg.   My total weight loss for the project then is 9.9 pounds.

Here is the full break down of the project.  Since we had no scale in Austria with us last week, I just took the start and end weights and then calculated it purely linear between the two points.  Not perfect, but I was not about to pack a scale on vacation.  The final total weight loss is measured in Black Forest Cake.


All in all pretty great results with both of us losing close to 10 pounds and not sacrificing too much in the way of foodish enjoyment.  I for one plan to continue with the fat project round two once the vacation period I over and I am back on a regular routine.  I think next round will be with less frequent weigh ins and perhaps only weekly updates.  I f there have been any fans of this who want to jump on board with my quest for fitness, feel free to participate.  Start will be first week of September.


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