Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Fat Project Day 22

Only 7 more days until the Starr trip here and it looks relatively close between the battle of the fatties right now.  A tiny margin of 0.1 pounds which is well within the margin of error of the scales I would say, so it is anybody’s game at this point.  I am going to try and ramp up the intensity of my gym visits for the next few days, I read some very good things about sprinting as a fat burning exercise and I am going to see if I can actually drive myself to do it.  I have a feeling that sprinting as a workout may be crossing the line into so much non-fun that I will not be able to stick with it, but hey, in the interest of being competitive I can try it for a week… haha

I will be totally honest, Mike did not send me a measurement today, so his 198 is a carry over from yesterday.  It is rather late and I don’t feel like making the update later though, so it is getting posted as is.  Chances are that Mike has just become too fat and slovenly to drag himself from the bed to the scale, so the 198 is optimistic in his favour anyway.(Amendment - Mike sent me today's total and it is still 198)

Today the total fat loss is measured in chocolate chip cookies.


I have also used my super computer to visualize the sort of epic struggle that is going on right now.  I think this really captures the spirit of the moment.


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