Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Car Show at Meilenwerk–part 2

While the first hall of the Meilenwerk has very very expensive cars for sale that are kept  away from grubby fingers by a nice thick pane of glass, the second hall has the vastly cheaper, yet still very expensive cars kept away from grubby fingers with a little sign saying please don’t touch.  I think this hall was more fun for Liam since he could get right next to the cars and take a really good look.  He wanted to be able to sit in some, but I explained to him that was a no go.  The first car to draw him in was a black Lamborghini that looked just like a toy one that he has at home.


This was just across the aisle from a whole bunch of Wiesmann cars.  A brand that is likely unfamiliar to the North American crowd, Wiesmann hand make custom 2-seater roadsters based on a BMW M3 engine and transmission.  They have a pretty neat egg-like shape in my opinion and look rather retro steam-punk.  The also cost upwards of 200K Euro, so they are not really for everyone.


Next up we saw a row of nice looking Porsches, including this delightful convertible 911.  We have established that this is the car I will be buying if disgusting amounts of money ever fall in my lap.


Since it was summerfest, there were some nice cars outside to look at here too.  Liam was quite taken with this Ferrari.


He also really liked this Ford since it was “A race car that is shorter than me!!”


All in all a very fun trip that has further fueled Liam’s growing love of cars.

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