Monday, July 23, 2012

The Fat Project–Day 6

So the weekend has come and gone and I have to say that it is much much harder to stick to the plan on Sat and Sun.  I do get a lot more exercise given that I don’t spend xx hours a day sitting behind a desk, but the temptation of beer, BBQ, and treats are much much harder to avoid on those days.  Despite this, I managed to watch myself and not lose any ground, but I did not fare so well in terms of weight loss.  I am relatively pleased with losing 2.6 pounds in less than a week, but I somehow thought it would be more when I saw how quick Mike dropped on the first day.  I think neither of us are willing to starve ourselves, so I guess slow and steady will be fine.

I like to play with the charts to settle on a look and feel that is most communicative and minimalistic, so today I am removing the Y axis labels, replacing with start and end data labels and adding trend lines to project overall progress.  I may lose the trend lines, I don’t think they are adding much value.

Today’s Total Weight Loss graph is measured in Bacon Wrapped Shrimp.


I am also happy to see that Cherie seems to be working to help me win the bet by feeding Mike treats like this: 


Good work Cherie!

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