Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Liam’s Hospital Visit

Before anyone gets alarmed, this is something that happened quite a few months back.  Back in May, Liam became suddenly quite ill, he could not keep any food or drink down and it seemed like a really bad flu.  After a couple of days, he was getting weak and starting to lose too much weight so we took him to the doctor, who right away said we needed to take him to hospital.  He was suffering from rotavirus, which can be pretty nasty in kids and is very contagious.


So it was off to the Kinderklinik in Tübingen and some days in the quarantine ward.  To go in and visit him, we needed to put on gowns and masks and disinfect ourselves, the full monty.




At the beginning, Liam was just sort of tired, weak and pathetic.  He was placed on an IV to make sure he was getting nourishment and fluids.  He spent the first day just sleeping.




The IV achieved pretty remarkable results and he was much more spry and full of energy after the first day.  Since he was quarantined,  he was not allowed to leave the room and the biggest problem rapidly became boredom.  All the members of the family took turns sitting in the room with him and we played many board and card games, drew many pictures and read a lot of stories.  He also got more TV than he normally watches in a year.


We could tell he was feeling very much recovered by the second day when he pressed the emergency call nurse button and when she came asked her “what is there to do around here?”




Three days in hospital brought him back to a state where he could come back home and the first big sickness adventure was thankfully behind us.

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