Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Fat Project–Day 2

The second day did not bring much progress on my side despite eating small sensible meals and going for a nice long walk in the forest last night.  Looks like I will have to increase my activity level q bit more to get things rolling.  Mike on the other hand has started off strong, dropping 3 pounds in the first day and increasing that to 5 total today.  I have to hope this was just water (beer) that he lost in the first days and it will slow down now.  

Congratulations are in order for Mike though, he has now dropped his BMI below 30 and has gone from “Obese” to merely “Overweight”  Way to go fatty.

Today’s table will measure total weight loss in hamburgers.


Mike seems to disagree with my advanced computer analysis and has done some work on his own to project the outcome of this process. 

Apparently, Mike thinks this is the likely result on his side:



While I will end up with a slightly less chiseled look:


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